Hi, I'd like to give Special Thanks to all my Race Buddies Locally and Nationally. You are the reason I took this challenge.

It's been my experience (watching 1/10 Scale F1 come and go over the years) most of the "So Called" good F1 racers for the most part are "NOT WILLING",or for  a lack of other words "UNABLE" to help fellow racers get their cars "RACEABLE".

 I for one have been on the "UNFORTUNATE" side of this fence and know the pain and frustration of not having a "RACEABLE" car.

 I've seen a F1 racer so frustrated with his car that he literally pick up his car and threw it in the trash.

 I am the guy that went the trash, retrieved the car and tried my best to help that racer figure out what was wrong and how we can fix it.

To me it makes sense to help those that may need help.

When we help our fellow F1 Racers up there level of performance,the effect is normally the racer is more inclined to come back for more of the F1 experiece.

 I personally know alot of racers who would never ask for help.  They just sell there cars and say things like. "Oh that car was a piece of crap" "I'll never buy a freekn F1 car again. Pan Cars on rubber tires don't work....and on an on an ON ...lol. Rubbish!


I Know Pan Cars on Rubber Tires Do Work!!! I've Seen It With My Own Eyes!


My main goal is to help empower our fellow F1 Racers with information they may need to compete on There highest level.


Thanks To,


Hobbytown USA Frederick a.k.a. The Coliseum


The Track  Gaithersburg Md.  Mimi Wong  "Challenge Formula One"

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Rob. K   "Challenge Formula One"    Web  Administrator/Writer


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